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Winter White Hamster

Care Information

Upon purchasing a Winter White Hamster(s) we provide customers wth the general knowledge required to care for their Winter White(s). However as pieces of paper are lost and people often forget things we have put the information right here for viewing in your own time.

Taming and Settling in.

Winter White Hamsters are dwarf hamsters and will not grow to the size of an ordinary Syrian Hamster. Hamsters are nocturnal and sleep the majority of the day and come out at night.

When you first buy a Winter White Hamster it probably needs to be tamed. Leave it/them in the cage for the first day to allow time to adjust to the new surroundings. Then start to gently stroke it/them for several minutes a few times a day until it is used to you.

How many Winter Whites?Winter White Hamsters are communal animals, however sometimes they don't get on and so will need seperating and will have to live in seperate cages.

Life Expectancy Winter Whites generally live between 2 and 3 years.

Cleaning They should be cleaned out completely 1-2 times a week. Rodents will generally find a corner of the cage to use as their toilet and this will be the dirtiest part of the cage. When cleaning out use a disinfectant spray and make sure to clean away any residue from the disinfectant when finished.

Teeth Their teeth are always growing and so they always require something hard to chew on such as a wood gnaw or a Mineral Stone. This helps trim the teeth down and stops them from overgrowing.

Food They require fresh food and water daily. Avoid giving them too many peanuts and sunflower seeds. Apple is a good fruit to give them in small amounts. It is often best to use a water bottle as opposed to a bowl as they will throw lots of wood shavings and food in the water bowl.

Bedding Line the bottom of the cage with wood shavings and place a small amount of bedding in a corner, or if you havea house, place the bedding inside the house.

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