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Care Information

Upon purchasing a Rabbit we provide customers with the general knowledge required to care for their Rabbit. However as pieces of paper are lost and people often forget things we have put the information right here for viewing in your own time.

Taming and Settling In.

When you first buy a Rabbit it will probably be scared. Leave it in the hutch for the first day to allow it time to adjust to the new surroundings. Then start to gently stroke the Guinea Pig for several minutes a few times a day until it is used to you.

FoodWe feed our Rabbit's on Supa Rabbit Excel by Burgess. It is a complete food in the form of a pellet, which stops them throwing out certain vitamins and minerals which means they get everything they need. If you do change foods do it gradually and slowly introduce the new food. Make sure to change the water supply daily and make sure they have a good supply of food, throw out any perishable foods.

Why put a lock on my hutch?We recommend that customers put a lock on their hutches to prevent foxes from opening the hutch and getting to their beloved pet. It is a small cost to pay to protect your animal. Just a simple bolt that you slide across to lock the hutch will do.

Green FoodsYou can start to introduce carrots to their diet from 12 weeks of age. Let them get used to the carrots for a few days before you introduce any other greens to their diet.

BeddingFor bedding it is best to line the bottom of the hutch with several layers of newspaper to make it easier to clean and to absorb urine. Pack the enclosed end of the hutch with straw for the Guinea Pig to make a bed and line the rest of the hutch with straw.

Hay Vs. StrawDon't line the hutch with hay because they like to eat the hay and will have no bedding left if you do this. This is why straw is used as the bedding as they eat the hay but not the straw. You can buy a hay rack to clip on to the hutch so they can eat hay.

Life ExpectancyThe average life expectancy of a Rabbit is approximately 6 years.

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